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S2S Japan launches new sub-label: Dontaku Records

S2S Japan, an independent music company from Tokyo, has announced the launch of a new sub-label Dontaku Records. Dontaku Records focuses on supporting talented musicians and producers and helping them release their music in the growing Japanese music market.

Dontaku Records is the latest addition to S2S Japan's music portfolio, which has already established itself as a music label in Japan, especially in the digital era. The new sub-label is expected to further enhance the company's reputation by expanding its reach to global audiences and connecting continents through music.

S2S Japan's decision to launch Dontaku Records comes at a time when Japan's music industry is rapidly evolving, with digital platforms playing an increasingly important role in the distribution and consumption of music. By establishing close relationships with Japanese distribution partners, DSPs, and editorial staff from English-written magazines in Japan, Dontaku Records is well-positioned to capitalize on these changes and support talented artists from around the world.

In a statement, Label Manager Uchida Masahiro and A&R Tom Snoijink expressed their excitement about the launch of Dontaku Records and its potential to create new opportunities for both Japanese and international artists. They stated that the label is committed to supporting talented musicians and producers and helping them reach their full potential in the Japanese music industry. Overall, the launch of Dontaku Records is an exciting development for the music industry and highlights the growing importance of global collaboration in the digital age.

With its focus on building musical exchanges between Japan and the rest of the world, Dontaku Records is making a significant contribution to the global music scene and supporting the growth of talented musicians and producers from around the world.


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